Zhejiang Okai Vehicles Co.,Ltd. products professional high quality
scooters,both electric and gasoline.We focus on the design particuars that other manufactures overlook.We expand design techniques and
keep us with the latest market trends though regular market research and our
R&D team uses the latest auto CAD software,such as pro/E,Corel Draw,Solid Works and Cimatrom.With this advanced……

    • Product Number: EEC16-500W

    • Product Number: EVO-RX-SHOCK

    • Product Number: EVO-RX-T

    • Product Number: EVO-R+S

    • Product Number: EVO-RX-BIG

    • Product Number: EVO-RX-BOG ONROAD WHEEL

    • Product Number: EVO-RX

    • Product Number: ES06

    • Product Number: ES16-500W

    • Product Number: ES16-800W

Our relentless pursuit for top quality starts with our ISO certification, DIN and the new CEN braking performance approval, IQC, OQC
and IPQC guidelines and continues each and every day brake by brake.
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