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Zhejiang Okai Sporting Products Co.,Ltd.products professional high quality scooters,both electric and gasoline.We focus on the design  particuars that other manufactures overlook.We expand design techniques and keep us with the latest market trends though regular market  research and our R&D team uses the latest auto CAD software,such as pro/E,Corel Draw,Solid Works and Cimatrom.With this advanced software,our  design and production team can provide and maintain exceptional prod- ucts inline with market demand.
Quality assurance isextremely important to our company. We have advanced QC and production equipment at our disposal and can provide a  consistent high standard for products,as all designs and production are completed in house.W do not engage other suppliers to provide any major  components. All products strictly comply with IQC,IPQC and FQC standards and specifications, because we perform QC multiple stages thougout  production.You can count on quality products every time for each order.
Take a look at our wide product range and we are sure you will find aproduct that suits your needs.
Okai Scooters has recently begun OEM production under license from Puzey TM.for a new 2 speed gasoline scooter.with a 2speed manual change  transmission.This revolutonary product is packed full of features and unsurpassed in the PTV categoty.
If you need funny scooters,Please contact us today.

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