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Okey ideal: to achieve human constant pursuit of higher quality of life wishes.
Okey Faith: Farm rules - pay and reward on the other, after the first pay return year after year to pay to return every year.
Okey's Creed: self-perfection distinguished strict self-denial absolute obedience.
Okey quality philosophy: Do not neglect any product quality chain link.
The management philosophy: standardization, human, scientific
The market philosophy: hard work, outsmart; positive and efficient. Co-marketing, guide; manage, promote.
The team philosophy: to serve for the purpose of rapid reaction principle; to consultation and diagnosis as a means to a strong push for the responsibility;
The product concept: technology development for the principle, the technology leader for the purpose; to new product development as a breakthrough, as a means to boost the market new products;
The dealer idea: prosperity and win-win; to train as a means to enhance purpose; to promote as a means to profit.T

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