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With its own leading technology R & D and production capacity, the company has become a member of the recreational sports car Association

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The company by virtue of technology R & D and production ability has become the leading leisure sports car Association member units, became the first to join the leisure sports car Association leisure sports Scooter Companies, 2011-2013 is the Leisure Expo for 3 consecutive years as the "top ten enterprises" unit. Companies adhere to the "customer first, team work, embrace change, integrity, passion, dedication" as the values, and guide the company management, development and people-oriented corporate culture atmosphere. At present, the company has a perfect training system, salary system, post promotion selection mechanism and profit distribution incentive mechanism. The company has elegant and comfortable place of work and accommodation. It will pool the team's sports, recreational activities and outdoor tourism, and expand its activities. It will provide broad space for aspiring talents.

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