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Commissioning your scooter

1. Carefully unpack your scooter and remove any packaging material attached to the scooter.

2. Install the front wheel in the folded state. Mount the wheel with the spacers and the axle with the supplied tool. (see picture 1- 4)

3. To unfold the scooter, push the locking lever down with one hand while gently pulling up on the handlebar with the other


MAKE SURE that your head is not in the area of unfolding parts! (see picture 5)

4. Place the handlebar completely vertically until it clicks into place.

5. Now put the handlebars on the pole, align them straight and tighten the screws with a tool.

Pay attention to correct installation - the throttle must be in the direction of travel on the right side. (see picture 6)

6. Check the brake levers for tightness - if they are loose, tighten them also in a position suitable for you. Do not pull, bend or twist the brake cables.

7. Place the supplied battery pack in the cavity under the footboard and connect it to the power supply.

Please note: If you have a version with a lead-acid battery, please first insert the included flat fuse into the holder on the red cable.

8. Insert the seat post into the receptacle on the rear end of the plate. Insert the saddle clamp onto the upper end, push the

telescopic post in the correct position and close the clamp. (see picture 7)

9. Attach the saddle to the adjustable seat post and tighten the saddle screws with the supplied tool. (see picture 8)

10. Mount the headlight (only for EEC models) (see picture 9 + 10)

11. Install the license plate bracket (only for EEC models) (see picture 11)

12. Mount the mirrors to the intended position on the handlebar with a rotating thread. (only for EEC models)

13. Make sure all screws on the scooter are tight.

14. Fully charge your scooter.



Charging the battery

To charge, turn off the power of scooter. Then connect the charger to the power source.

For a lead-acid battery, open the cover of the charging socket by turning it to the side. You will find them on the right, front side below the running board.

Connect the charger to the charging socket.

The LED on the charger will turn to red color and turn to green color as soon as your scooter is fully charged.



1. Lift up the side stand. While the scooter is standing on this safety stand, it can not be started. (only for EEC models)

2. Turn the key switch on the handlebar to the right. (For models without street approval, you can also turn on the light).

3. Place make one foot on the treadplate while supporting yourself on the ground with the other to avoid falling over.

Slowly and carefully turn the throttle grip on the right side of the handlebar and the scooter begins to move.

4. To brake, release the throttle grip and apply the brake levers on the right and left sides of the handlebar.

5. Pay attention to the charge status indicator on the throttle grip.


6. also mounted on the handlebar speedometer all important information can be read. (Applies only to EEC models.

If you need a manual for the speedometer please contact our customer service.)

7. After driving, you can fold up your scooter for space-saving storage or transport.

a.) First remove the saddle and the seat post. Push the locking handle downwards with one hand and then remove the seat post.

b.) Fold in the steering rod (see picture 1). Press the folding lever backwards and with the other hand gently push the handlebar down (see picture2) until it clicks into place (see picture3)


Maintenance and care

battery pack

 Do not fully discharge the battery. (Do not start the scooter when the battery is empty.)

 Do not use the scooter in very cold temperatures

 Fully charge the battery before storage.

 Store the battery in a dry place.

 If the battery is not used, charge it about every 30 days.

 Switch off the scooter when not in use.

 Do not exceed the maximum charging time of 24 hours.


The disc brakes on your scooter are already set correctly by default. Due to wear and other external influences, it is necessary to adjust the brakes from time to time.

The readjustment of the brakes is on the one hand by the screws on the brake handles, on the other hand directly to the calipers possible. The adjusting screw is located inside of the caliper and moves the inner brake pad by adjusting the brake disc.

It is possible that the brakes squeak slightly in the beginning - this is normaly.

Once the brakes are retracted, this effect disappears.



The maximum tire pressure is indicated on the tire. We recommend checking the correct air pressure before every ride.

Please also check the remaining profile of your tires regularly.

Chain (only for model EEC16 and EEC17)

The chain is set correctly at the factory - but must be checked and readjusted over time. The chain must be properly on the gears and pinions to ensure proper operation and to avoid damage.

In addition, please check regularly whether the chain is sufficiently lubricated. Always use grease - no oil

When do I have to adjust the chain tension?

If the chain is not fixed on the pinions or even skips gears, this is too loose and must be readjusted necessarily, as this damages the chain and gears.

If the chain makes a humming sound while driving, the tension is too high and needs to be loosened a bit, otherwise the chain could break.

how do i tighten the chain?

Slightly loosen the rear axle bolts on both sides of your scooter, then use the adjusting screws to carefully raise the chain tension until the desired tension is achieved. (see picture)

Then turn the rear wheel by hand to check if everything is free and the chain has the correct tension. Finally tighten the rear axle bolts on both sides again.


If your Scooter has a hub motor, please ignore information for chain maintenance!



Clean your scooter regularly with a soft cloth and /or a brush.

Please never wash with a water hose!


Charging Instructions Lead-acid

The care and maintenance of the batteries is a crucial criterion for your batteries lifetime. Improper maintenance, care and charging behavior can greatly reduce this, to irreparable damage and premature catastrophic failure of the batteries.

Charging instructions lead-acid batteries

The care and maintenance of the batteries is a crucial criterion for your batteries lifetime. Improper maintenance, care and charging behavior can greatly reduce this, to irreparable damage and premature catastrophic failure of the batteries. Leadacid batteries should never be deeply discharged, but always be operated under the highest possible voltage. Deep-discharged

batteries, for example, by total „run empty“ or by long storage, without charging (eg over winter period) can force lead batteries getting sulfated and damage the cells. This process is irreversible in many cases resulting in total loss of the battery.


Do not think you „waste“ many charge cycles by recharging the lead-acid battery more often although this is not „emptied „ completely - this is totally wrong! For the specified life by charging cycles, so-called full cycles are meant. This means that if your battery is low 50% and then fully recharged, this equates to a half charging cycle. Twice recharge accordingly means full cycle then.


We therefore recommend recharging the battery from a discharge of 25%. But then always until the charger completely finished loading. This guarantees reaching a maximum allowable voltage of the cells.

During the winter or long-term storage of vehicles with lead-acid batteries, it is imperative charging at least once a month until charging is complete.





Serial No.

Note the serial number

Make a note of the serial number of your scooter. Keep it in a safe place.

Each scooter has an individual frame number. With this, your vehicle can be identified in the event of theft.

How to find the serial number / frame number:

The number is located in the area of the front fork.

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